The Bonavero Institute annouces the Publication of the Bonavero Institute's report on Covid-19 and Human Rights. 


Along with the threats to life, health and the economy, one of the biggest dangers of this pandemic is the collapse of a culture of human rights and the rule of law. The Bonavero Institute of Human Rights has conducted a preliminary human rights analysis of 11 jurisdictions from the Global North and South. The report assesses the best practices and the human rights concerns of these States, and highlights trends across them.


The report was compiled by Liora Lazarus, and includes contributions from Bonavero members Stefan TheilLisa HsinShreya AtreyChristos KypraiosEkaterina AristovaSanya SamtaniNick Friedman and Elizabeth Stubbins Bates, as well as from Lionel Nichols (Adjunct Researcher at the University of Tasmania).