Landmark discrimination case cites research by Faculty members

Research by Faculty members has been cited at a landmark ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada.

In the case of Fraser v. Canada, the Supreme Court ruled that The Royal Canadian Mounted Police pension plan discriminates against women.

Citations were taken from work by Tarun Khaitan and Sandy Steel in their essay “Wrongs, Group Disadvantage and the Legitimacy of Indirect Discrimination Law” and from Sandra Fredman's essay "Direct and Indirect Discrimination:Is there still a divide?", in Foundations of Indirect Discrimination Law (edited by Tarun Khaitan and Hugh Collins, 2018) as well as from Tarun’s monograph, A Theory of Discrimination Law (2015). Tarun’s introductory chapter with Hugh Collins in the 2018 edited collection was also cited.

Sandra Fredman's work in "Discrimination Law" (2nd ed. 2011) and in her paper “The Reason Why: Unravelling Indirect Discrimination” (2016) was also cited, as was Paul Yowell's book "Constitutional Rights and Constitutional Design: Moral and Empirical Reasoning in Judicial Review" (2018).