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In June 2021, the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights partnered with the International Commission of Jurists to organise an online symposium on civil liability for human rights violations. The organisers invited a group of experts from academia and legal practice to discuss the wider implications of recent civil liability developments in the law and policymaking of corporate responsibility to respect human rights and identify the remaining gaps in the law. The first part of the symposium featured two webinars on the scope of the parent company’s duty of care and access to justice barriers in civil litigation. The second component involves a series of blogs published by Opinio Juris platform. The symposium is co-convened by Dr Ekaterina Aristova (Bonavero Institute) and Dr Carlos Lopez (ICJ) who have authored an introductory blog setting out key aspects of the debate. For the Bonavero Institute, the symposium is part of the project on civil liability for human rights violations led by Professor Kate O’Regan and funded by the Oak Foundation.