New OxHRH Podcast out! “I Can Hear Another Ambulance”: The Rise of Exponential Inequalities During COVID-19 (Episode 1)

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Human rights experts tell stories of inequalities from around the world, revealing how these inequalities have been exacerbated during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. This is Episode One of a four-part series. The series takes a deep dive into whether equality law is cut out to protect the most vulnerable in times of crisis, and if not, then why not and what can we do about it? This podcast series is part of the Exponential Inequalities project, led by Shreya Atrey as the Principal Investigator of the British Academy Leverhulme Small Research Grant on Equality Law in Times of Crisis.

Listen to the podcast here. Transcript available.

Producer, Presenter, Sound Editor: Christy Callaway-GaleExecutive Producers: Shreya Atrey, Meghan Campbell, Sandra FredmanAssistant Producers: Mónica Arango Olaya, Gauri Pillai, Natasha Holcroft-EmmessTranscript and show notes: Sarah Dobbie