Damir Banović (LL.M), a senior teaching assistant at the Law Faculty (University of Sarajevo) at the Department of Theory of State and Law. He is a member of the European Commission on Sexual Orientation Law (ECSOL), scientific network Verfassungspolitik in Mitel- und Osteueropas (Humboldt Universität in Berlin) and enrolled in a two-years scientific project Human Dignity in Europe (Universität in Luzern). Also, he is an associate member of the Serbian Association of Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR Serbia).

Selected publications: Država, politika i društvo - Analiza postdejtonskog političkog sistema (2011) (co-editor with Saša Gavrić); Parlamentarizam u Bosni i Hercegovini (2012) (co-editor with Saša Gavrić); The Political System of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Institutions-Processes-Actors (2013) (coauthor with Saša Gavrić and Marinha Barreiro); Seksualna orijentacija i rodni identitet u pozitivnom pravu Bosne i Hercegovine (2012) (coauthor with Vladana Vasić) and Savremeni problemi pravne i političke filozofije (2016) (co-editor with Bojan Spaić). He has published more than 20 scientific paper in domestic and international journals.

He is a doctoral student at the Law Faculty in Sarajevo with a research project Savremena sociološko-pravna teorija kao kritika pravnog pozitivizma (eng: Contemporary Socio-Legal Theory as A Critics of Legal Positivism).


Research stay at the Centre for Socio-legal Studies has been supported by Konrad Adenauer Foundation - Europäische und Int. Zusammenarbeit (EIZ) / European and Int. Cooperation (EIC)

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