Francesca Padley

Examinations Officer

Position Description

  • nomination and approval of Chairs of Examiners, Examiners, and Assessors
  • allocation of examining duties and distribution to the Faculty
  • collection and processing of exam marks for Mods and FHS (including use of exams database for FHS)
  • circulation of Examiners’ Reports to Faculty Members, College Libraries, etc.
  • secretary to the Examinations Committee

In conjunction with the Director of Examinations and Chair of Examiners/Moderators for the FHS/DLS, the BCL/MJur and Law Moderations:

  • assist in all areas regarding examinations administration, including Divisional and University requirements
  • first point of contact for examination queries and advice relating to the FHS/DLS and Law Moderations examinations

Please send all enquiries about FHS, DLS, Mods, and BCL/MJur examinations to

See also the Law Faculty's A-Z list of administration and services.