Megan Munsie

Stem Cells Australia


Professor Megan Munsie is a scientist who has combined her extensive technical expertise in stem cell science with an interest and understanding of the complex ethical, social and regulatory issues associated with stem cells in research and in the clinic. Dr Munsie is currently the Head of the Education, Ethics, Law & Community Awareness Unit at the ARC funded Stem Cells Australia initiative where her position is jointly funded by the University of Melbourne and Monash University.

Dr Munsie regularly provides advice and information to Australian researchers, academics, politicians, media, patient advocacy groups and community members on stem cell science and associated issues. She is a member of a joint Monash University and University of Melbourne research team that is exploring community expectation in relation to stem cell science and in particular stem cell tourism.

In addition to having worked for over fifteen years in the Australian stem cell field, Dr Munsie also has more than ten years experience as a clinical embryologist in IVF clinics around Australia.   

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