Miranda is a Researcher in Law within HeLEX. Her work mostly focuses on privacy, confidentiality and data protection in health and life sciences research. She has a particular interest in how the law characterises anonymity, and how the concept of ‘reasonableness’ applies to Big Data practices.  

Her current work centres on the Governing Biomodification project: mapping the laws, standards and policies which collectively regulate new ‘biomodifying’ technologies such as gene editing. This project is funded by the Leverhulme Trust to provide an evidence base for appropriate, flexible and socially responsive governance in the biotechnology sector. She also provides ongoing support to the DIabetes REsearCh on patient straTification (‘DIRECT’) consortium, and has done some consultancy work on research council projects. 

Miranda joined HeLEX in 2017, working as part of the Administrative Data Research Network. She qualified as a barrister in 2014 and practised within a healthcare specialist team, providing advice and representation to the NHS on a range of patient-related issues. Much of her work as a barrister was in a mental health context, involving patients with fluctuating mental capacity. She retains an interest in healthcare law


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