Dr Tamra Lysaght first joined CBmE in 2009 as a Research Fellow and, after a 2-year appointment as Senior Research Fellow at NUS Asia Research Institute (2012-2014), was promoted to faculty at NUS Medicine in 2014. She is currently Director of Research and Director of the Phase III Health Ethics, Law and Professionalism (HeLP) curriculum. 

Tamra’s research interests lie broadly around the ethical, sociopolitical and regulatory issues surrounding emergent biomedical technologies, such as stem cell research, regenerative medicine, genomics, precision medicine and Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. She has expertise is in empirical bioethics and experience in using both qualitative and quantitative research methods to address normative questions surrounding the biomedical and biological sciences. Tamra has led multiple competitive grants as Principal Investigator on projects examining the ethics and regulation of autologous stem cell therapies and One Health, and is currently leading a thematic grant funded by Singapore Social Science Research Council that is examining ethical governance models for sharing health-related data. She is also Co-Investigator on an administrative grant from the National Medical Research Council supporting the Science, Health and Policy-Relevant Ethics in Singapore (SHAPES) initiative. 

Tamra also contributes service to international and national advisory bodies, including the AI and Data Ethics Advisory Council and the Oversight Board of the Singapore Network of Biorepositories. She is also currently Vice-Chair of the Committee on Ethics, Law and Society, Human Genome Organisation and serves on the Executive Committee of the Stem Cell Society, Singapore. 

Publications : 

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