Prior to her studies in Oxford (MJur, 2014-2015), Zuzana studied law at the Charles University in Prague (2007-2012) and at KU Leuven (2011-2014), specialising in EU economic law. She got involved in a number of moot courts (ELMC, CEEMC, EHRMC), both as a participant and as a coach.

Between 2012 and 2014, Zuzana worked as a research and teaching assistant at the "Consumer, Competition & Market" department of the Law Faculty, KU Leuven. She has also worked as a tutor of Legal English for practitioners, and as a junior lawyer for a law firm in Prague, specialising in EU pharmaceutical law and EU competition law.

Zuzana has recently submitted her MPhil thesis on national identity and the EU internal market, under the supervision of Professor Stephen Weatherill. She is currently working on her DPhil thesis at the intersection of EU internal market law and EU constitutional law. Zuzana is a member of Harris Manchester College where she previously served as MCR President.


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  • Zuzana Vikarska and Michal Bobek, 'Report for Slovakia' in Anneli Albi (ed), The Role of National Constitutions in European and Global Governance (Springer 2016) (forthcoming)
  • Zuzana Vikarska and Michal Bobek, 'The Slovak Republic' in Stefan Griller, Monica Claes, Lina Papadopoulou (ed), Member States’ Constitutions and EU Integration (Hart Publishing 2016) (forthcoming)
  • Roman Barinka and Zuzana Vikarska, 'Re-exports of Pharmaceuticals: What Is and What Is Not Allowed?' (2015) Havel, Holásek & Partners: Pharma Flash 11/2015
  • Zuzana Vikarska, 'European Court of Justice as a Political Actor' in Jan Kysela, Jana Ondřejková (ed), Jak se píše o soudech a soudcích [Writing about Courts and Judges] (Leges 2012)
  • Zuzana Vikarska, 'Improving the Quality of Legal Education: Inspirations from the USA and Canada' in Jan Kysela (ed), Law in Context: Specific University Research Project (Charles University in Prague 2011)
  • Zuzana Vikarska, 'Discussions on the Change of Electoral System in the Czech Republic' in Marek Antoš, Jan Wintr (ed), Volby, demokracie, politické svobody [Elections, Democracy, Political Freedoms] (Leges 2010)
  • Zuzana Vikarska, 'Právomoci prezidenta USA [Presidential Powers in the USA]' in Jan Wintr, Jan Kysela (ed), Festschrift to Marek Antoš (2009)

Research programmes

Research Interests

  • EU internal market law
  • EU constitutional law
  • EU data protection law
  • constitutional pluralism
  • comparative constitutional law
  • law in context (law & politics)
  • medical law & ethics

Research projects