OUCLJ Editorial Board and Committee 2023-24

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OUCLJ Editorial Board and Committee 2023–24

The Oxford University Commonwealth Law Journal is delighted to announce the election of its new Editorial Board and Editorial Committee.

As the flagship journal of the Oxford postgraduate law community, the Journal is run entirely by student Editors and Associate Editors who are studying various areas of law at the Faculty. Created in 2001, it has provided a forum for international debate on both private and public law topics, with contributions from academics, professionals, and policymakers on matters of current interest to Commonwealth legal systems.

OUCLJ Editorial Board and Committee 2023–24:

General Editor


  • Eric Feng-Quan Wang (MPhil in Law)
  • Mehdi-Jalalddin Hakimi (MPhil in Law)
  • Nicholas Hsu (Bachelor of Civil Law)
  • Phoebe Woo (DPhil in Law)

Associate Editors

  • Aisling Railton
  • Joseph Khaw
  • Kamau Grant
  • Katharina Neumann
  • Katie Pentney
  • Lado Sirdadze
  • Leo Pang
  • Quintus Wong
  • Sonya Campbell
  • Titiksha Mohanty

We look forward to working with the new team as we move forward into the 2023-24 academic year!