* Due to, and in solidarity with, strike action, this event is cancelled. A teach-out in solidarity with the strike will be held on Tuesday, March 3rd at the Wadham Room in King's Arms from 18:00. All are welcome to attend. *


On Tuesday, February 25th, 2020, Professor Shreya Atrey will present 'Chapter 2 Outlining the Intersectional Framework' of her book Intersectional Discrimination (Oxford University Press). The chapter is a reclamation and restatement of intersectionality theory that illustrates a connection between Black feminism and Dalit feminism. The discussion will be held at the Lady Brodie Room, St. Hilda's College from 12:00 until 1:30 p.m. Everyone is invited to bring their own lunch. 

About the Speaker

Professor Shreya Atrey is an Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law at the Department of Continuing Education and the Faculty of Law, based at the Bonavero Human Rights Institute. Her research is on discrimination law, feminist theory, poverty and disability law. Her monograph, Intersectional Discrimination (OUP 2019), presents an account of intersectionality theory in comparative discrimination law. Previously, she was based at the University of Bristol Law School (2017-19) where she taught on Constitutional Rights, Public Law and International Human Rights Law courses. She was a Max Weber Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence in 2016-17 and a Hauser Postdoctoral Global Fellow at the NYU School of Law, New York in 2015-16. She completed BCL with distinction and DPhil in Law on the Rhodes Scholarship from Magdalen College, University of Oxford. She has served as the Chairperson of the Oxford Pro Bono Publico (2013-14) and is currently an associate member of the Oxford Human Rights Hub. Shreya is also an Official Fellow of Kellogg College.

About the Discussion Group

The Feminist Jurisprudence Discussion Group also welcomes offers to present papers or other work-in-progress to the group, or to lead a discussion. Please contact one of the convenors if you are interested in talking to the group or if you have an idea for an informal discussion.

The group’s co-convenors are Sabrina GoldsSophia Demetriou-Jones, and Stacy Topouzova, and the Group's Senior Member is Dr. Barbara Havelkova