Last night, the 2016 OxTALENT Awards were held at the Oxford Martin School to recognise members of the University who’ve made innovative use of digital technology. The Centre for Criminology’s Professor Mary Bosworth, Andriani Fili, Dr Ines Hasselberg, and Dr Sarah Turnbull were awarded the prize for the ‘Outreach and Public Engagement – General’ category for Border Criminologies, an online platform which uses a variety of digital technologies to encourage academics, students, and the interested public from around the world to publish and interact about issues broadly related to border control. Regarding the award, ‘[t]he judges commended the team for their use of social media channels in particular to engage different audiences, and for their admirable processes to source from their academic community intellectual contributions for the intellectual discussion of a topic that triggers such polemical outbursts.’ During the awards ceremony, Professor Bosworth gave a short presentation about Border Criminologies and the aims of the project’s online presence.

IT Services notes that the ‘Outreach and Public Engagement category attracted far and away the greatest number of entries in this year’s competition,’ which makes the recognition of Border Criminologies even more special. The awards ceremony was also a great way to learn more about the amazing work of members of the University in the use of the digital in teaching, learning, research, and outreach.

Mary, Andriani, Ines, and Sarah would like to thank everyone who has contributed to and engaged with Border Criminologies over the past three years. A special thanks goes to Steve Allen as well as Karen Eveleigh and Katie Light in the Faculty of Law for their help in making Border Criminologies a success. Additionally, they are delighted to note that  Dr Alpa Parmar recently joined the team as an Associate Director.

Read more about Border Criminologies’ award here and about OxTALENT here.