New OxHRH Podcast: Comparative Human Rights Law Book Launch - Sandy Fredman in Conversation with Justice S. Muralidhar

In this special episode of RightsUpSandy Fredman discusses her new bookComparative Human Rights Law (OUP), with Justice S. Muralidhar (Delhi High Court).

On December 13th, the Oxford Human Rights Hub released the second episode in its three-part podcast series featuring discussions around Professor Sandy Fredman's new book, Comparative Human Rights Law (OUP). The episodes feature Sandy in conversation with Judge Edwin Cameron (South African Constitutional Court), Justice S. Muralidhar (Delhi High Court), and Professor Colm O'Cinneide (UCL).

In this second special episode of RightsUp, Sandy Fredman discusses her new book, Comparative Human Rights Law, with Justice S. Muralidhar, a judge on the High Court of Delhi, who has delivered judgments in some of the most important housing rights cases in India. They discuss a right to housing and the value of comparing how different legal systems deal with this issue.

Guests: Sandra Fredman and Justice S. Muralidhar
Produced by: Kira Allmann
Music by: Rosemary Allmann

Listen here.