I am an Associate Professor at the Law Faculty and the Hanbury Fellow and Tutor in Law at Lincoln College. 

As an undergraduate, I read law at Corpus Christi College, Oxford (2007-2010), before taking the BPTC (2010-11), and I returned to Corpus to read for an M.St in Legal Research (2011-2012). I then read for a doctorate at Girton College, Cambridge (2012-2016), for which I was awarded a Yorke Prize by the Cambridge Faculty of Law. I then took up a position as a Fellow and Director of Studies for the Law Tripos at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge (2015-2018).

My research focuses on trusts, fiduciaries, and equitable remedies in the commercial sphere. I am especially interested in the use of legal historical method to shed light on modern legal problems and on how private law took its modern structure. I am also interested in the nature of the 'fiduciary' duties owed by the Crown to native peoples.  


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  • A Televantos, Capitalism Before Corporations: The morality of business associations and the roots of commercial equity and law (OUP 2020) (forthcoming)
  • B McFarlane and A Televantos, 'Third Party Effect: Form and Function' in Paul Miller, John Oberdiek (ed), Oxford Studies in Private Law Theory, Volume 1 (OUP 2020) (forthcoming)
  • A Televantos, 'Overreaching and trusts of land' (2019) 78 Cambridge Law Journal 516 [Case Note]
  • A Televantos, 'Losing the fiduciary requirement for equitable tracing' (2017) 133 Law Quarterly Review 492
  • A Televantos, 'Review of The Duty to Account: Development and Principles by JA Watson' (2017) 76 Cambridge Law Journal 436 [Review]
  • A Televantos, 'Trusteeship, Ostensible Authority, and Land Registration: The Category Error in Wishart' (2016) Conveyancer 181
  • A Televantos, 'Teaching an old dog new tricks: liability of banks in equity for misappropriated funds' (2016) 31 Butterworth’s Journal of International Banking and Finance Law 451
  • A Televantos, 'Unconscionable bargains, overreaching, and overriding interests' (2016) 75 Cambridge Law Journal 458 [Case Note]
  • A Televantos and L Maniscalco, 'Stay on Target: Compensation and Causation in Breach of Trust claims' (2015) 2015 Conveyancer 348 [Case Note]
  • A Televantos and L Maniscalco, 'Proprietary Estoppel and Vendor Purchaser Constructive Trusts' (2015) 74 Cambridge Law Journal 27 [Case Note]
  • A Televantos, 'Constructive trusts and limitation: Williams v Central Bank of Nigeria' (2014) 30 Journal of Professional Negligence [Case Note]

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Research Interests

Property (real and personal), Trusts, Equity, Insolvency, Legal History, and Commercial Law


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Land Law, Trusts, Advanced Property and Trusts, Legal Concepts in Financial Law

Research projects