The Faculty usually provides start-up grants to new academic postholders of established university posts funded by the Faculty and the Centres for Criminology and Socio-Legal Studies, except where appointees previously held another established Oxford University academic post. For permanent appointments the grant is currently £7,500 for Professors, £4,000 for Associate Professors (including both substantive and titular postholders) and Career Development Fellows and £2,000 for permanent Departmental Lecturers. Start-up grants for fixed term posts are agreed on a case by case basis. Expenditure from these grants should fall within the general guidelines for the Research Support Fund and IT Equipment Fund. If a postholder wishes to propose expenditure which falls outside the guidelines, they should contact the Faculty’s Head of Administration and Finance, in the first instance.

For guidance on how to go about spending the grant please use the link to Purchasing Goods and Services for items to be invoiced to, and paid by, the Faculty and the link to E expenses for items where you wish to claim reimbursement for expenditure already incurred. Arranging for the Faculty to be invoiced directly is the preferred route - in which case you must arrange for a purchase order (PO) to be issued in advance by the Faculty - in particular, significant items of IT equipment (laptops, PCs) must be bought through the Faculty from the Univeristy preferred supplier using the PO/invoice route not bought personally and reclaimed through expenses. Incidental travel, conference registration and book purchases are typically reclaimed through expenses; please familiarise yourself with University Expenses Policy before incurring expenditure. You can also book travel either online or by telephone with Key Travel and arrange for the cost to be invoiced direct to the Faculty.

Start-up grants are expected to last at least one year and they must be spent within three years of appointment. Once the start-up grant is exhausted postholders will be eligible to apply to the Research Support Fund and the IT Fund.